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Kara Boehne
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Research Databases

Use the Databases below to access reliable, scholarly information for many topics and subjects. 
Databases are NOT websites, we just ACCESS them through the Web.  They are cross-referenced collections of resources, including:
*Book sections * Articles from magazines and academic journals * Newsaper articles * Podcasts * TV and radio
* Special videos * Images * Interviews * Primary sources * Speeches * Criticism * Statistics * Topic overviews *

Science Databases

Science in Context covers all science topics as well as most medical and health-related topics.  Use this DB for Biology, Chem, Physics, or any of the specialty science classes.

GREENR is a specialty Database, focusing on resources related to the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources.  It also inlcudes information on the Agricultural Sciences.

History Databases

U.S. and World History in Context cover every era of human history, from ancient times to the present.  These Databases can be searched independently OR together, for a broader search.  These tools can be used for courses BEYOND your history class--to research time periods related to the story you're reading in English, to learn about the food cultures of early America, etc.  Browse both broad topics AND search for specific keyword strings.
  Think outside the box!

Literature and Controversial Topics Databases

Literature Resource Center provides access to information on Authors and their works, including Literary Criticism, Work Overviews, Biographies, and more.  Your best resource for anything Literature-related.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is your best bet for research on controversial topics such as:
* Abortion * Capital Punishment * Alternative Energy * Legal Marijuana * The Role of Government * Global Warming * School Prayer * Censorship * Violence in the Media * and much more.

State and National FFA Links

Use the links below to access a variety of information about the PA State FFA Foundation as well as the National FFA program.

JSTOR Academic Research Database

JSTOR is the best resource for Academic and Professional Journals and articles.  If you are looking for a very NARROW topic, this may be the best choice for you.  You will have to set up your own account within the program to collect articles.