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This Guide is designed to accompany the German City-States project for Herr Noll and Frau Richards.

Subject Guide

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Kara Boehne
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World History in Context

Use World History in Context to research any of the topics involving Germany, including popular tourist spots, historical areas/events, and important geography.

Whereas you won't necessarily find entire sections devoted to ONLY your assigned "state," you WILL find information about FEATURES of your state.  Ex: "Alps," specific cities, "Berlin Wall," "Black Forest," "Munich Olympics," etc.  Think about what you already KNOW about your state, and then seek out info on specific features. 

German Tourism

Use the website above to find fantastic information about the important cities, tourism attractions, historical areas, and other highlights for your assigned Bundesland.  The map is interactive, so "click" away!  There are even some videos included that give great introductions to specific cities and areas. 

General Information - All German States

Click on the map to access a page including data for ALL the German States:

Search Smart!

Google Web Search

Bundesland Pages

Each of the links below either take you to a.) The "official" page for the State Government or b.) The "official" tourism page for that state.  Some are set up the same way; many are different.  Use the various drop-down menus or topic lists to narrow down what you are looking for. 

After you have some ideas for the events, topics, historical places, teams, etc. that match up with your state, I suggest doing a separate search for pages about those specific things.  For example, Bayern Munchen (football) has its own fantastic webpage.