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This Guide is designed for 9th grade English classes beginning their research about William Shakespeare, his plays, and Elizabethan England.


Biography in Context

Use Biography in Context to look up reliable information on William Shakespeare, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Richard Burbage, or Mary Tudor.
You'll find sections from reference books, newspapers, journals, and multimedia items like podcasts and video.

World History in Context

Use World History in Context to research any of the topics involving aspects of life in Elizabethan England.  You can search broad topics, like "England," and then narrow within the page.  OR, you can search for a specific thing, like the Globe Theater.  Think outside the box--and try synonyms and alternative terms.

Literature Resource Center

Literature Resource Center is the best resource for information about authors and their works.  Information on the Globe Theater may also be found here.

Recommended Websites - ELIZABETHAN ENGLAND


The History Channel

All Things Elizabethan

Christopher Marlowe

Much Ado About Something

(PBS site dedicated to the mystery surrounding Marlowe's death and the authorship controversy between Marlowe and Shakespeare)

The Church of England (The Anglican Church)

(Click on "About the Church" and find the link on the right that says "history.")

Seven Deadly Sins

(University of Leicester)

Seven Sins/Seven Virtues

Elizabethan Life - Britain Express

Elizabethan Times

Shakespeare's Life and Times

Elizabethan Costumes

Life in Elizabethan England

Elizabethan Project (Wikispaces)

(We do NOT have access to the DATABASES on this page--scroll down to the weblinks)

Subject Guide

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Kara Boehne
On Schoology: Mrs. Boehne

Recommended Websites - SHAKESPEARE

Springfield Twp. HS

Shakespeare in American Life

(from the Folger Shakespeare Library)

Shakespeare's Globe (official site to the rebuilt Globe Theatre)

Globe Virtual Tour 

(virtual tour provided by Clemson University)

Shakespeare's Theatre 

(site from the British Library, includes info on players, stages, and companies)

Shakespeare Resource Center

Shakespeare at Online Literature 

(includes the complete plays)

Shakespeare's Life and Times 

(University of Victoria)

Royal Shakespeare Company

British National Theatre

Internet Shakespeare Editions