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Eagle View Middle School Library: 6th Grade World Language

Project Steps

Step 1: Create a NoodleTools Project

Step 2: Use your country's name as a keyword and search for your country in each database, starting with World Book Student. Every time you find a source that you contains useful information about your country, site it by copying and pasting or exporting the citation into your NoodleTools project.

Step 3: Open a shared Google Doc with your groupmates. Split up the sources among your groupmates, so everyone is investigating something different.

Step 4: Individually, read the source your group assigned you. When you find an interesting fact, add it to the group's Google Doc. 

Step 5: Meet with your groupmates. Read through everyone's facts on the Google Doc. Choose the 10 most interesting and highlight them

Step 6: Open a shared Google Slides presentation with your group. Go back to Culture Grams, Gale Middle School, or SIRS Discoverer (NOT GOOGLE!) to find pictures that match the facts your group chose. Organize the facts into your Google Slides presentation. 

Step 7: Practice your presentation, then deliver it to the class. 

Research Databases

SIRS Username: cumberlandvalley

SIRS Password: Research#1

Working at home? Need a password? 

Click HERE for passwords

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Citation Resources

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