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CVHS Research Portal: Citations

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Kara Boehne
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Citation Basics

This brief video gives a great overview on the importance and meaning behind those dreaded words: "Include a Works Cited Page!!"  After viewing, the other links in the boxes in this guide will take you to a number of places where you can located citation-building information.

Beware the Plagiarism Police!

Citations Galore

Use the links below to find citation examples for the many different types of resources you may be using for this (or any!) Research Project:

Research and Documentation Online -- Use the drop-down menu to easily jump to the different types of resources.  They are separated into categories: Print, Online, etc.  This site gives you both the "formula" for the citation as well as real examples.

The OWL at Purdue University -- Use the links on the left side of the home page to navigate to what you're looking for.  You can see examples of papers, Works Cited pages, in-text Citations, and more!