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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


About This Guide

                Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources


This guide is intended to provide information and resources to promote a fair, just, and welcoming environment at Cumberland Valley.  Select the Students, Parents/Community, or Educators guide for resources especially curated for your needs.

Please remember that when selecting resources for children, grade/age guides are only suggestions, and the appropriateness of resources for a given child will depend not only on the child's interest and (when applicable) reading level, but on the context in which the resource will be used. 

Most resources in this guide are directly linked to a source where you may access them. To find books, ebooks, and audiobooks that do not include links, search the CVSD Destiny library catalog, the Cumberland County Library System, or purchase at or your favorite bookstore. 

If you have trouble locating any resource, or would like assistance finding or using information, do not hesitate to contact any CVSD librarian.  

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