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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources: Inquiry and Exploration

Inquiry and Exploration

About this Page: Inquiry and Exploration

         Independent Inquiry and Exploration

If you'd like to find more diversity, equity, and inclusion resources, try a specialized library database or search engine!  Remember that search queries are most effective when you use keywords.  If you are searching from home, some resources will prompt you for a password or special login.  Just click on the "password" box to access that information.  If you have trouble accessing any resource, or would like help finding or using information, do not hesitate to contact your CVSD librarian.   

DEI Search Engine

This search box is powered by Google, but is limited to relevant and reliable sources especially curated by your CVSD librarians. SafeSearch filter has been applied.

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In addition to traditional encyclopedia articles, World Book Online has many special resources such as timelines, a biography database, multimedia, primary sources, and more. The "Behind The Headlines" features articles about current events (past featured articles are searchable by topic).