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English and Literature: MLA Documentation

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Citation Help

Use the document below to collect your information for your citations. 

In-Text Citations

This chart from University of Maryland - University College clearly explains the WHY and HOW behind the idea of In-Text Citations. Scroll down the page to investigate examples for a variety of resource types, including online sources, multi-volume works, and works with no author.

UMUC Libraries - MLA In-text Citations

Do you need to cite it?

Tips and Tricks for creating a Works Cited Page


Copyright Dates: Some books have been published multiple times.  Therefore, they may have multiple copyright dates.  When choosing which date to include in your citation, make sure you use the MOST RECENT date listed.  This is the year the book you are using was published.

Publisher Information: When including the publisher’s name in a citation, just include the PROPER NAME of the company.  This means you do NOT include words like Press, Company, Inc, etc.  Publishers typically have offices all over the world.  Sometimes they imprint their books with all of their locations.  When determining the city of publication, use the FIRST CITY listed on the title page or verso. 

Creating a WORKS CITED page:

  • Organization: Citations must be organized alphabetically by the authors’ last names.  Multiple works by the same author can be organized by the first word of the titles.  If an entry does NOT have an author, alphabetize it by its first word. 
  • Spacing: The ENTIRE Works Cited page is double-spaced.  Do not include additional spaces between the Works Cited heading and the first entry, or between individual entries. 
  • Indentation: When a citation needs to run onto a second line, be sure to indent the second line 5 SPACES (one Tab).  That way, it’s easy to scan down the page to see where each individual citation begins.  If you select "Ruler" in the VIEW menu, you can easily drag the Hanging Indent arrow to the correct spacing.

Click HERE to see a sample paper and WORKS CITED page.

Citation Creation

The OWL at Purdue University


The OWL at Purdue University -- Use the links on the left side of the home page to navigate to what you're looking for.  You can see examples of papers, Works Cited pages, in-text Citations, and more!



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