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English and Literature: To Kill a Mockingbird

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Kara Boehne
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Plessy v. Ferguson Websites

Online Databases

BiC is best for researching biographical information on Authors and other Historical Figures. You can often find primary sources, interviews, and images as well.  Use this for Harper Lee, Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and more.

OViC is a great tool for researching controversial topics such as censorship, racism, and this history of civil rights in America. For info on the banning of TKAM, this might be your best bet.

LRC is great for anything literature relate, including information on author's writing styles,
contextual relationships between time periods and works, and criticism.  For this project, use LRC for info about Harper Lee and TKAM, "Coming of Age" novels, and the idea of the "White Savior" in literature.  

Use the History databases to find information on the Civil Rights Movement, the Little Rock 9, Scottsboro Trials, Brown v. BOE, Plessy v. Ferguson, Jim Crow Laws, civil disobedience, bus boycotts, sit-ins, etc.  
World History in Context will provide information about Gandhi and his methods of civil disobedience.

Brown v. Board of Education Websites


Google Web Search

Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Gandhi, and Civil Disobedience